Paisa Nakho, Paramaatma Dekho
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About Guruji

India is Sacred Land. It is very fortune to be born here. Many great spiritual leaders made this land even more sacred by born and grown here. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Mukthananda, Samartha Ramadas, Kanhangad Ramadas, Ramana Maharshi, Sadhu Vaswani, meherbaba, Shirdi SaiBaba, Upasani Maharaj, Swamy Samartha, Paramhamsa Yoganandji, Anandmai Maa, Sathyasai Baba etc., made this land sacred and improved the spiritual knowledge. This is a continuous process. Many from present generation also trying different ways to Moksha and igniting knowledge in people. Shri baba is one of them. Shri Baba established Swamy Samartha Ashram at 4km away from Dubak of Medak District, AP. He looks lean, very fair and wears white Lungi, Kabba. He resembles shirdi baba by wearing kafni to head. His face shines always and one can see smile all the time. He sits on wooden table and white bedsheet will cover up to waist. He carries stick in hand and receives all devotees with love & affection. He enquires about all their troubles/issues and gives hints for solutions. He does not allow touching his feet. All visitors will sit about 4 feet away from his wooden table and can talk personally with Baba for 5 minutes. Baba does not touch the offered fruits, flowers etc., by hand. He will ask to keep them on floor and touches with stick after conversation is over. He will ask visitors to take them back as Prasadam along with Vibhuti. He will take 1 or 2 fruits when his close devotees force him to take. Visiting hours are from 11AM to 3 PM. Nobody knows his sleeping timings. He will be in Meditation most of his time and always. Swamiji goes to some undisclosed location for 2-3 days and advises to close pals to take care of Ashramam. Baba born in Khammam on 16-Jun-1980 night around 9-10 at her Grandmas Home. Mother name is Kamala Devi and father is Krishnamaacharyulu. Fathers native place is Dharmajipeta, near to Siddipeta. Babas mother was dead after 7 days of babas birth and his father got 2nd marriage. By this , we can make out his childhood is not so smooth. With this, He started spending life alone and thinking of God.He studied up to 5th class at her grandmas place and used to listen Bhagavatham, Ramayanam and Bhagavadgitha.

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You came from same place as myself,

you go to the same place as myself,

why to worry about maya, egotism and arrogance

Never quit until you realize your goals and dreams.

Be a sincere devotee & True follower  to Guru

Losers & bad people make promises they often break. Winners and good people make commitments they always keep

Learn how to believe Guru, not acting.

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